Development on the Forming Principle and Control Model of Taper Leaf Spring


Taper leaf spring mill is the special equipment for rolling leaf springs used in automobiles. During the rolling technological process of taper leaf spring, in order to obtain the equal-stress mechanics characteristic of taper leaf spring it is need to control the dynamic changes of gap between rollers, completing the figure of parabola or other special ones along the longitudinal parabola of un-machined plates. Therefore, the type of two-degree computer controlling system is adopted in the controlling system of taper leaf spring mill, in which, the top one is industrial computer, the below one is PLC. Structure characteristics and composing principles based on the dynamic controlling system are researched, establishing the mathematics model of controlling system. The controlling program is developed based on the manufacturing craftwork flow of taper leaf spring. The equipment has been applied in the practical manufacturing, achieving kinds of equal-stress taper leaf spring provided with different parabola coefficients.


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