[Chemical lumbar sympathectomy in patients with chronic ischemia of the lower extremities].


The efficiency of lumbar chemical sympathectomy made within the complex therapy for ischemic pain in the lower extremities was analyzed versus lumbar sympathectomy, made surgically, in 84 male and female patients aged 33-84. The below parameters were studied: the dynamics of painless-walking distance in patients with ischemia, stages IIa and IIb, and rest-pain intensity in patients with ischemia, stages III and IV, according to Fontaine. The regional hemodynamics was registered in all patients by Duplex scanning of lower-extremities vessels before manipulation and on days 5 and 10 after sympathectomy performed by chemical and surgical techniques. An increased distance of painless walking, reduced intensity of rest pain and better parameters of regional hemodynamics were observed in the study and control groups; they were of the unidirectional nature. Thus, sympathectomy, made by the chemical technique, is not inferior by its efficiency to surgical lumber sympathectomy.


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