Case of Pseudo-Hypertrophic Paralysis (of Duchenne) Occurring in an Adult


months' imprisonment. He had been at first a gardener by occupation, but for the last four years he had been a book-hawker. In this latter occupation he had not had any excessive amount of walking, and had been quite healthy up till about a month before being sent to prison. About this time (end of April) he began to feel "stiffish" in walking, had pains "like rheumatic pains" in the outside of the thighs, and found himself often involuntarily rubbing them. About this time he had a gonorrhoea, and on admission to prison he had eczema of the inside of both thighs, which was soon cured. On admission, he complained of pains in the lower part of the back and thighs, which might, however, have been caused by the eczema. He continued to feel his walking difficult, and his legs


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